Welcome A. Prof. Xingrong Zheng to become a member of committee!

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A. Prof. Xingrong Zheng

Director of the institute of computational physics

Longdong University

郑兴荣副教授 陇东学院

Research Area:

Condensed matter theoretical physics and Material calculation

Research Experience:

1. Implementation of the novel solvent method in Gamess package.

2. Theoretical study of material properties under high pressure using MS package.

3. Thermodynamic properties of rare-gas solids (RGS) (RGS =Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xeon) under high pressure are calculated from the first principles, such as the structural model, elastic, zero point vibration energy and equation of state, et al.

4. Combing the density functional theory in Gamess package, I have done some algorithms as subroutines to deal with solvent effect on electron transfer reaction.