Call For Papers/征稿主题

Call For Papers/征稿主题

2020 6th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Construction Engineering (ICAMCE 2020) aims to provide a high-level international conference for researchers, engineers and scientists to present the new advances and research results in the fields of advanced materials and construction engineering.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


(A) Advanced Materials Science / 先进材料科学

1)Advanced Materials Science先进的材料科学
2)Nanotechnology and Materials纳米技术及材料
3)Semi-conductor Materials半导体材料
4)Magnetic Materials磁性材料
5)Electronic Materials 电子材料
6)Microelectronic Materials微电子材料
7)Hybrid Optical materials (organic/inorganic)混合光学材料(有机/无机)
8)Advanced Textile Materials先进纺织材料
9)New Functional materials新型功能材料
10)Intelligent Materials智能材料
11)Materials Physics材料物理学
12)Materials Chemistry材料化学
14)Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials模具测试和材料评估
15)Modeling and simulation of materials and devices材料及器件的建模和仿真
16)Quantum modulation based on superconductors, semiconductor and magnets基于超导体、半导体和磁体的量子调制


(B) Materials Processing Technology / 材料加工技术

17)Materials Processing Technology材料制造技术
18)Materials Forming材料成型
19)Materials Machining材料加工
20)Surface Engineering/Coatings表面工程/涂料
21)Welding & Joining焊接&连接
22)Low Cost Packaging Methods低成本包装方法
23)Laser Processing Technology激光加工技术
24)Microwave Processing of Materials材料微波处理
25)Processing technology for Functional materials功能材料加工技术
26)Function test and evaluation technology for material analysis材料分析功能测试与评价技术

(C) Civil, Architectural Engineering / 土木、建筑工程 

27)Civil, Architectural Engineering土木、建筑工程
28)Structural Engineering结构工程
29)Design and Construction of Traffic Civil Construction交通民用建筑的设计与施工
30)Geotechnical, Geological and Hydraulic Engineering岩土、地质和水利工程
31)Surveying Engineering测绘工程
32)Construction Technology施工技术
33)Architectural Design and Building Materials建筑设计和建筑材料
34)Architectural Design and Its Theory建筑设计及其理论
35)Ecological Architecture生态建筑

(D) Architecture, Building Materials and Engineering Management / 建筑、建筑材料和工程管理

36)Architecture,  Building Materials and Engineering Management建筑、建筑材料和工程管理
37)Engineering Managementy工程管理
38)Building Technology Science建筑技术科学
39)Urban Planning and Design城市规划设计
40)Landscape Planning and Design景观规划设计
41)Architectural Environment & quipment Engineering建筑环境与设备工程
42)Ecological Architecture生态建筑
43)Traditional Construction Materials传统的建筑材料
44)Advanced Construction Materials先进建筑材料
45)Project Management项目管理
46)Monitoring and Control of Quality Engineering质量工程的监控

(E) Other related topics / 其他相关主题